April 15, 2012

Happy Tax Day

“Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15.”

- President Ronald Reagan


April 4, 2012

Pet Peeves of Political Punditry

I was reading the Buffalo News story today about Kathy Hochul's "pivot" on Medicare compared to positions she took in the campaign. Look, if Kathy is smarter now than she was before when she was pandering on the Medicare issue during the campaign, great. But the language that is getting used in politics these days is one of my pet peeves. Such as:

1) Pivot: Ridiculous way of saying I changed my mind because I was wrong before and am smarter now. Or circumstances changed from what they once were. Pivot is an attempt to inoculate oneself from the infamous charge of....

2) Flip Flop: Who thinks the same away, every day for their whole life? People mature, circumstances change. They are definitely cases where people lie about where they stand and should be called out, but evolution of thought is something different.

3) Reset: Time to reset negotiations. Reset relations with Russia. Hit reset on Mid East peace. Just stupid pundit talk. People aren't your frozen DVR....you can't just unplug and plug back in and everything is wiped out as if it never happened.

4) Transparency: This is a bogus creation of the media and so-called good government groups who don't really care about the outcome of an issue....they want to focus all attention on the process. Look, we need an honest and accountable government. But that doesn't mean that every friggin discussion needs to take place openly. That actually works against progress because people will be less candid.

5) Politicians as a "Brand": This is what we've boiled politics down to. The GOP brand is a tough sell for woman. The Democrat brand fell out of favor with independents. The Obama Brand, the Romney brand...blah blah blah. We're not talking Coke and Pepsi here folks. It's not a choice between iPhones and Droid. Buying into a brand is a terrible way to view governance.

Those are just some of mine. Feel free to send in yours.