May 8, 2012

I'm Dave Mongielo, and I Approve This Message.

Perhaps you're familiar with Dave Mongielo. The auto mechanic has made quite the name for himself, these past couple years. After a ludicrous bid for town supervisor against incumbent Marc Smith, that saw voters reject him by better than a two-to-one margin, Mongielo decided his real beef was with the town's Republican committee—which, of course, had supported Smith.

Mongielo continues he desperate quest for relevancy, despite having the door shut in his face time and time again. Meanwhile, his business, which he's trying to sublet at a price of about $60,000 a year, continues to spiral downhill. Maybe when his business is gone, his wife is gone, his house is gone, and his tractor is gone (LOLOL!), he'll come to realize what's important in life.

But first, he has a message for Republican voters:

Now, we need to be very clear here: Niagara Times did not alter that video in any way. It was emailed to us by a regular reader. It seems Mongielo and Mike-the-EMT™ got a great kick out of making it, including a video effect the duo privately called "eight-pound water-head." It also seems that the video in question didn't set well with the South Lockport Fire Company, which, after becoming aware of it, suspended Mike-the-EMT™.

We'll let you, our readers, decided what it means about Mongielo, and about his views on the mentally disabled and the EMTs that protect local families. And, of course, we'll also let you decide what it says about The Man Who Would Be Supervisor.


James T. Kirk said...

That's really low-class. From a man who wanted our votes to lead the Town of Lockport, you'd think there would have been greater sensitivities to the developmentally-disabled.

Perhaps Mr. Mongielo should have to do some community service with a special education classroom in addition to paying a fine for his ridiculous sign.

Sweaterman said...

You stay classy Mongiello!!!

Rocketboy said...
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