March 8, 2012

Phil Rumore is 100 Percent Correct

Yes, you indeed read that headline correctly. While we here at Niagara Times are often viewed as right of center, we prefer to view ourselves are the voice of reason and common sense. Now, those aren't words that many would associate with Buffalo Teacher Union honcho Phil Rumore, probably one of the most despised men in WNY.

Rumore led his union to reject a teacher evaluation plan that would include students who miss classes 20 percent of the time in those evaluations. The Buffalo News cried that the teachers rejecting this plan would cost the school district millions and added that it is the job of the teachers to make sure students attend class. That is probably the dumbest fucking thing I have ever read from idiots who write a lot of stupid things.

Why in God's name should teachers agree to be evaluated on anything beyond their control? I can understand using test scores as part of the equation to identify teachers who aren't making the grade. But we're talking about judging teachers on students who don't show.

Perhaps what we really need is a parent evaluation system. Yes, let's start there. Let's fine parents who kids are chronically skipping. For those on public assistance, let's tie those monthly checks to student attendance. Let's put the responsibility for getting kids to school where it belongs.

Just imagine if you're a dance instructor, swimming coach, driving instructor, pick anything that trains people. Let's go driving instructor. You're going to be judged on how many of those assigned to your driving class pass their driver's exam. That includes those who missed 20 percent of your driving instruction...and maybe that's days you were teaching how to parallel park or three point turn. These people then fail their exam and everyone puts the blame on you. Does that make sense?

We need accountability in the classroom across New York State. But that accountability starts at home but the politicians won't say it. Phil Rumore did. Good for him.

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