March 1, 2012

My Mid Morning Brain Dump

Welcome to my brain dump where I give my gutshot reaction to all that's going on:

1) It's about time Kathy Hochul got grilled for her position on forcing the Catholic Church to abandon its principles. Maybe her free ride in the media is coming to an end.

2) There's a strong rumor going around that Antoine Thompson may run again for State Senate once the lines are finalized. Did I miss the clamoring of public uproar calling for the return of, know a return to the good old days when Antoine was in office? Didn't think so.

3) Amy Witryol is soliciting funds for another run against State Senator George Maziarz. Yawn.

4) Francie Delmonte appears ready to run again as well. See #4.

5) Looks like Louise Slaughter may be kicked out of WNY in redistricting. Good riddance. Redistricting could prove to be very good for Niagara County if the county is fully united in one Congressional district.

6) Several sources have confirmed that Paul Dyster finally attended the Niagara USA Chamber dinner this year, with close to 500 people in attendance. The Niagara Times has been critical of Dyster in the past for failing to attend this major business event. Maybe Paul is smartening up.

7) Don't count me among those who are happy that the Maid of the Mist lost its contract for the Canadian side to a California firm. The Glynn family which owns the Maid have been community stewards for a long time and are good people. Let's hope they can survive on the American side.