February 9, 2012

Where Are Higgins and Hochul on Catholic/contraception Issue?

You can't pick up a paper, turn on cable news or check out political blogs without seeing something about the raging controversy over Pres. Obama's decision to force Catholic institutions to trample their religious beliefs and pay for contraception coverage AND the morning after pill for their employees.

I think this is an outrage and proves again that Catholics are the one group you can still pick on and the media will let you get away with it because they loathe the Catholic Church. But with everyone choosing sides on this, how is it possible that we have no idea where Reps. Hochul and Higgins stand on this issue?

Has it not yet dawned on the cub reporters and the Union Sun & Journal to pick up the phone and actually ask Hochul a difficult question? Is Mark Scheer at the Gazette so busy writing inane City Beats that he is unaware of the firestorm brewing on this? And of course, Stan Lipsey at the News has a man crush on Higgins which always explains a lot.

C'mon guys. Ask the simple question and report the answer. I'll even write it for you: Reps. Hochul and Higgins do you support the Obama Administration's policy that requires Catholic institutions to go against their believes and provide coverage that is in direct contradiction to their religious doctrine? I look forward to the answer.


Rocketboy said...

So, woman's health care issues "trample ...religious beliefs"? Tough crap.

By the way, the so called "morning after pill", unlike what the religious right like you to believe, WILL NOT cause an abortion.

Sorry, just because you believe on one particular reading of some old scrolls found in a cave, doesn't mean you have rights above and beyond everyone else.

The Avenger said...

Let's assume you and I disagree on this. Don't we both have a right to know where are local Congressional representatives stand on the issue?

And how come the local media hasn't asked that simple question?