February 24, 2012

Three Cheers for Danny Weiss Who Says It All

Niagara County Conservative Party Chairman Dan Weiss "Says Not So Fast" on Swanick Endorsement for Senate

Until new legislative redistricting lines are approved by the Legislature and the Governor and withstand a court challenge, Mark Grisanti still represents part of Niagara County and still has the full support of the Niagara County Conservative Party.

“We would like to say we are shocked and dismayed that Erie County Chairman Ralph Lorgio has cut a side deal with ultra-liberal Steve Pigeon so Pigeon’s protégé Chuck Swanick can get the Conservative line, but the sad fact is the Lorigo abandoned Conservative principles long ago in exchange for patronage jobs and legal clients. He is an embarrassment to the party.

“We can understand that some Conservatives are upset about Mark Grisanti’s vote for gay marriage, but we need to look at the totality of his record. Chuck Swanick is a political opportunist and a fiscal nightmare who ran Erie County into the ground. He is exactly what we do not need. And his mentor Steve Pigeon is a cheap political hack that lacks any true conservative principles.

“I’m also appalled at the lack of understanding of political ramifications statewide for this move that could see a return to downstate liberal control of the Senate. This again proves Lorigo stands for nothing but his own personal gain.

“And let me make one more point. Should the current lines stand and Senator Grisanti’s seat is wholly contained in Erie County, I will send my Conservative committeemen into Erie County and support either an Opportunity to Ballot for Mark or an alternative conservative candidate. That is how disgusted I am with this Chuck Swanick/Steve Pigeon endorsement.”

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