February 21, 2012

A Small Price to Pay

The Niagara Gazette has a knack for writing stupid things, but this line from a recent editorial praising the NFTA exposes the chink in their intellectual armor:

[NFTA bus] riders overwhelmingly agreed that a 25 cent increase in the cost of a bus ride is a small price to pay when compared to the significantly larger problem of finding a way to get to work, school and other engagements. … We’re grateful that the NFTA recognizes severely cutting bus routes would, at its worst, isolate residents in poverty-stricken pockets of our cities, further exacerbating a generations-long problem of income inequality in the region.

We agree that a 25-cent increase is small price to pay, especially when the NFTA’s plan is to ask the taxpayers to subsidize your cheap ride to the tune of an extra million bucks a year. Because hey, you know, the best way to end multi-generational poverity is more government subsidies for the poor.

The rest of us—those of us who will be forced to pay that tax, those of us who work, those of us who don’t live anywhere near bus lines—well, we’ll just shut up and pay $5 a gallon for gas plus your million buck bus fare.  Because someone has to get up every day and pay for your cheap ride.

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