February 16, 2012

RE: Giving the Guy Who Beats Up Women Credibility

Avenger’s post from this morning is some of the edgiest journalism we’ve seen about the Grisanti Imbroglio.  And that’s a sad commentary on the state of WNY’s media—once again outperformed by our humble blog.
As Avenger alluded to, Eric White’s rap sheet only gets a passing mention in the Buffalo News—or anywhere in the Buffalo media, really.  The WNY media are, by and large, much more willing to insinuate racist behavior by Mark Grisanti—despite an absolute dearth of evidence to back up the charge—than willing to point out the questionable past of an accuser who belongs to a once-victimized group.  (In fairness, though, after what happened to the Buffalo News a couple years ago, one can understand local media being gunshy.)
The problem is, that’s not the only instance of dishonest scumbags coming out of the woodwork in this sordid mess to try to damage Grisanti and personally profit—and it’s not the only instance of the WNY media ignoring any aspect of the story that might paint Grisanti’s accusers in an unfavorable light.
We’ve never been big ArtVoice fans—too leftwing and too, well, artsy for our tastes—but the story unearthed by Alan Bedenko, of a pathetic wannabe politico using Friday’s scuffle to attempt to extort a high-dollar job out of Grisanti, should be the lead story on tonight’s Channel 2, 4 and 7 newscasts.
Anyone care to take odds on whether they pick the story up?

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