February 24, 2012

Idiot? We spell it L-O-R-I-G-O...

We have had any number of misgivings with legislative decisions made by Sen. Mark Grisanti.  While we really never had really deep feelings about gay marriage, we had many qualms about the bill voted on by the State Legislature. 
That being said, the decision by the Erie County Conservative Party’s chairman—who, in his day job, is an attorney with an unimpressive record, and in his post as party chairman has spent most of his time sucking up to Carl Paladino instead of advancing conservative principles—to endorse a Democrat instead of Grisanti smacks of desperation.
Apparently, Ralph Lorigo desperately needed some newspaper headlines, to prove he’s still relevant.
Way to make yourself into a news story, jackass.  If Lorigo’s actions cause the GOP to lose the State Senate, and a bunch of downstate buffoons like Malcolm Smith & Co. to once again gather up the reins of power, Erie County Conservatives had better demand answers from their chairman.  Then, they should demand his head.
Politics is a game of tactical considerations in pursuit of strategic victory.  Mark Grisanti may have an imperfect voting record, but he ensured the Upstate-friendly GOP maintained power.
Ralph Lorigo may have just given these buffoons power again:

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