February 16, 2012

Giving the Guy Who Beats Up Women Credibility

I've found this whole episode with Senator Grisanti and his wife being attacked quite fascinating. The facts of the incident now seem pretty straightforward and now we're engaged in a game of spin. Are there three sides to every story? Sure. Is the truth somewhere in the middle...well in this case, I think the truth is much closer to Senator Grianti's version of events. Now, based on what assumption would I make that claim?

I have two solid reasons for that. First, when it comes to one's actions, past performance is indeed an indicator of future results. The antagonist in all of this, Eric White, according to the Buffalo News, did a year in jail for beating up his girlfriend. That closes the case for me.

And in what fucking world does a guy who smacks around a woman still earn the title of "prominent Seneca businessman"?  Prominent? This guy should have been ostracized to the point where his moniker should be "disgraced Seneca businessman".

Now, I should be able to close my case right there. But let's go one step further. When you are losing the court of public opinion and need to change the narrative quickly, what should you do? Well, you consult the "Al Sharpton Book of How to Change the Narrative" and accuse someone of dropping the mack daddy of all no no words....an N-bomb.

And what did Eric White's supporters do two days later? Accuse Grisanti of using that slur against a guard. Really? There's nothing on the audio that proves that, but the dutiful scribes in the local media still reported it. The person hurling this charge wants to be the next Seneca Nation President so he probably gains some points on the Reservation by being a vocal defender of White. I guess that's politics.

All sarcasm aside, I feel bad about how much this nonsense has probably hurt Seneca relations with the rest of the community in Western New York. I've had more people say to me that it's time to get rid of the Seneca casinos and follow Governor Cuomo's lead. I'm not sure that's a good idea, but sentiment is hot right now.

Furthermore, painting all Senecas with a broad brush is simply wrong. In the end, one lunk-head whose ethnicity is incidental made a stupid move that led to a melee. That's all this should be. But it's become much more and the repercussions from Niagara Falls to Albany will be felt for some time.

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