February 13, 2012

Falls GOP Out of Touch with Reality

There are so many adjectives that would suitably describe the decision of the Niagara Falls Republican Committee to throw a going away for a convicted felony, I don't know where to begin. Idiotic. Irresponsible. Unjustifiable. Incomprehensible.That being said, I've settled on one: bad.

In case you missed it, the Niagara Falls Republican Committee, in cooperation with Laborers Local 91, decided to put together a grand sendoff for John Gross, who is about to head off to federal prison for 33 months after pleading guilty to failing to report more than $240,000 on his income taxes, and mail fraud and bid rigging involving work that Gross illegally obtained and performed for two Niagara County businesses.  

I could care less what Local 91 does - they're not an entity that portrays themselves of the moral compass of the community, like GOP does. Local 91 doesn't have to recruit and elect individuals who are held to a greater standard than the rest of the community, like the GOP does. Local 91 doesn't have a responsibility in shaping the government in Niagara Falls, as the GOP does. They can honor anyone they want, and no one would say a word. The Niagara Falls, GOP, however, should have known better.

The justification by Niagara Falls GOP Chairman Bob Krause to honor an individual convicted of multiple felonies is almost as pathetic as the decision itself. Krause, in attempting to downplay the horrible decision stated,  "He's not an ax murderer".  Really? That's the standard in Niagara Falls when deciding who to throw a going-away-to-prison party for?

We all know that the Niagara Falls GOP is a pretty impotent organization. I understand that the ratio of Democrats to Republicans is a significant handicap, but it seems that the NF GOP intentionally goes out of its way to use that handicap as an excuse for failure. If that committee is to ever become relevant, it must change its leadership and bring on people who understand not only the need for attracting and electing viable candidates, but understand honor, integrity and right from wrong.


Scott Leffler said...

1) Glad to see you have more writers and are dusting off Niagara Times.

2) Hard to disagree with you on this one.

sundayniagara said...

Some things never change. Niagara Falls is what it is!