February 20, 2012

Boy is Donn Esmonde Smart. Really Smart.

I rarely agree with Donn Esmonde's column in the Buffalo News and this past Sunday was no different. He generally lacks any real insight into an issue , but rather tends to kiss the ass of politicians who he thinks carry the water for his left-of-center agenda.

This past Sunday's column took a host of cheap shots at the Wallenda walk in Niagara Falls. It took Donny boy to point out that Niagara Falls needs much more than Wallenda's walk. Really, Don? You mean this one walk isn't going to turnaround decades of decay and corruption. Brilliant, simply brilliant!!! So to every town or city across the Country that puts on spectacular event to bring attention, interest and some economic activity to your community, you shouldn't do it because that one event won't solve all of your problems. Thanks, Don.

The real issue is that Don and a host of other green nerds have a problem with this event as in their bird brains this somehow cheapens the falls. If they really cared about this, they would demand that State Parks take out all of the parking and other structures in the Falls, return the park to pristine and push all commercial interest back into the City. But these guys never call out State Parks.

So instead, they climb on their soapbox and try to make a claim that one guy on one day walking across the Falls on a tightrope is the end of natural beauty as we know it. Paul Dyster actually holds this view but has had to hold his tongue. He hates the idea but knows that the public is vastly in support. He also hates the fact that George Maziarz and John Ceretto are the main reasons this is happening. So he gives lukewarm support, while making sure everyone knows he wouldn't support such events in the future. Thanks for that Paul.

Guys like Esmonde talk about supporting the Falls but they don't believe it. They support people like loser Assemblyman Sean Ryan who wants to close Niagara Falls International Airport when it's finally starting to bring results. This proves again they want all the economic and commercial benefit generated by Niagara Falls to reside in Buffalo.

In the end, Esmonde and his ilk don't live in the real world where you need to hustle to make a buck and things just don't happen. They want to sit in their ivory towers and opine on the way things should be and criticize those who don't share their worldview. But Don is really smart in this regard -- his nonsensical worldview has made him a nice living.

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