December 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

Memo to headline writers at the Niagara Gazette: The use of the headline "NU shooting off target in loss to Drexel" is probably a little insensitive since it was run less than a week after a Niagara University student was shot and killed.

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster dodged a bullet (see above) when the city council failed to garner enough votes to slash the salaries of City Administrator Donna Owens and City Engineer Jeff Skurka by $20k each. Dyster should get whatever he needs to get done before Jan.1st, when the dynamic of the council will change significantly.

We are very saddened by the death of Rocky, a Niagara County German Shepard police dog who fell to his death while searching an abandoned building in Niagara Falls on Dec. 4th. Condolences to the department and Deputy Craig Beiter.

Western New York got over $100 million in economic development funds and tax credits from the state, which is certainly good news. That being said, am I the only one who thinks there is WAY too much emphasis being put on the Buffalo Medical Campus concept? I hope I'm wrong, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Speaking of Buffalo, the city is getting $15 million in federal funding to return cars to a section of Main Street that had been blocked off for pedestrian-only traffic in the 80s. Rank that decision right up there with Urban Renewal. If you've ever walked that section of Main St, you know what a decrepit hole it is.

The Buffalo Bills suck. Now officially eliminated from the playoffs, that makes 12 consecutive seasons without a post season bid, the longest streak of futility in the league. But you keep BILLieving, Buffalo fans. Maybe someday the team's focus will be putting a competitive product on the field, not only their marketing efforts.

Speaking of Buffalo sports, Ryan Miller blows too. If Terry Pegula were dead, he'd be rolling over in his grave at the performance of this team.

Oh, and is anyone surprised that former Sabre Matt Barnaby has been arrested twice in the last month? He was a nutbag on the ice - do you honestly believe that his on-ice behavior and antics stop when he unlaces his skates? Domestic abuse and drunk driving. Of course, Buffalo sports fans will continue to cheer this scumbag wherever he goes, despite the fact that he likes to beat up women.

The Seneca Nation is currently holding back $350 million owed to NYS because the Senecas believe the state has violated their casino compact by setting up racinos at area racetracks. We agree with the Senecas and hope they hold out however long it takes to get the state to understand the meaning of the word "agreement".

If the GOP doesn't get a consensus-building candidate, Obamination will win another term. Romney sucks and Gingrich can't beat Obama.

Former NJ governor, US Senator and MF Global CEO Jon Corzine still can't explain where $1.2 billion in company funds went. This guy is so crooked, he almost makes me want to become an OWSer. Yeah....nevermind, I prefer employment, showers and to not be surrounded by the slime that has infiltrated this supposed OWS "movement".

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