October 13, 2011

Tucker Vindicated in Garbage Controversy

The news that Modern Disposal has picked up more than eight tons of recyclable materials in the city of Lockport's first two days of the city's new refuse program is an umitigated win for Mayor Mike Tucker. He has been raked over the coals for implementing the new garbage plan, mainly by a small group of loudmouth political wannabes who are less concerned with moving the city forward in a positive manner and more concerned with scaring city residents, particularly senior citizens, in an attempt to villify Tucker for their own political gain. Eight tons collected in the first two days is vindication for Tucker.

The city is way overdue in implementing this program. Recycling has been talked about in the city for decades. Phyllis Green, who had been highly critical of Tucker during their primary election, had 14 years on the Council to implement recycling. Despite the fact that she talked plenty about it during her years at city hall, she failed to act. Mike Pillot, Tucker's lone remaining election opponent, has been as loud as anyone in his criticism of Tucker's refuse plan. In fact, it's been the only issue that he's talked about. Pillot, who we freely acknowledge would be an absolute disaster for the city, had better come up with a new plan, though we are pretty sure he's not capable.

We hear that there are unresolved issues with the new plan, mainly people getting the wrong totes. If that's the biggest complaint the city will face, we're pretty sure the new program will be a resounding success. Not to mention that the city will save millions in personnel and legacy costs over the next ten years. Kudos to Tucker for having the will to implement what was a controversial move, especially in an election year, that will ultimately be proven to be a great decision for the community.

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Mike I The Advice Guy said...

I live in South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) where recycling garbage has been a way of life for at least the last 15 years. At first, people were a little reluctant because it meant us lazy people were having to take the extra steps of separating the recyclables from regular garbage. But, it has helped our taxes because our landfills are not filling up as fast as before. And once the landfill starts getting crowded, the cost of dumping trash goes sky high.

I would say good for Lockport and if the rest of the cities are smart, they will monitor what Lockport is doing and then come up with a plan of their own.

I was born and raised in the Falls, and it just pains me to see all the crap that keeps taking place throughout the county by the elected (and unelected) officials. Until residents wake up, things will never change. It will be the politicians who make out, and then the residents will just sit there and whine about how their taxes keep going up.

Recycling is a way to prevent your taxes from going up. Trash hauling is a great expense for any municipality. If they can find a way to help keep the costs down, then they should be supported. Not be some tag line in a campaign.