October 4, 2011

Some Notes Collected.....

Some notes collected while wondering whatever happened to Ron Dawson.

* Watching these Wall Street protesters complain about not having jobs got me thinking.  If they are protesting all day that means they're not looking for work which means their not entitled to their unemployment checks.  Let's see someone enforce that.

* Didn't take Governor Cuomo long to back pedal on eliminating the eye test requirement for drivers' licenses.  I guess people smashing their cars into retail stores got his attention.

* What has Paul Dyster really done to merit re-election?  Conversely, what is the one thing Johnny Destino has campaigned on that would merit a vote for him?  Dyster is going to win this by default.

* This could be the most boring political season I can ever remember.

* Clearly, people in Lockport have higher expectations for elected officials than Niagara Falls.  Lockport has had something of a revitalization in recent years, but people almost voted Mayor Tucker out of office over a couple of issues they were very angry about.  In Niagara Falls, you apparently are considered a good mayor if the FBI doesn't have you under investigation.  That's one low bar.

* I  think it would be a dream story for local media hacks if a bully drove his car through a storefront.  I think it would merit round the clock coverage.

* Not that I'm particularly interested in Erie County politics, but the front page of Sunday's Buffalo News on  Chris Collins and the attorneys for the ECIDA was the most bush league piece of journalism I have read.  Shorter story:  Attorney hired by Collins charge less than previous attorneys but are making more because they are doing more work.  And they donated to him.  What this proves is when the Buffalo News turns on you, they will print anything to make you look bad.

* Dyster has the reverse with the Gazette.  Mark Scheer doesn't even bother to question if Dyster's plan to push today's pension costs off into the future to be paid for by future generations is good policy.  Instead, he lauds it.  Scheer must figure he'll be long gone from the Falls when the bill comes due.

* Heard on WLVL that Jim Klyczek's contract at NCCC was extended three more years.  I'm sure faculty union leadership has sent him a fruit basket and congratulations card.  More likely, they crapped their pants.

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