August 17, 2011

Why Does NY Insist on Going Over the Cliff for No Benefit

I have never head of the The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative until I read today's Union Sun & Journal and once again I'm amazed at how dumb New York State can be.  It's a 10-state initiative that apparently began with Governor Pataki that seeks to reduce greenhouse gases by punishing coal plants.

Now, whether your a big old tree hugger or you have a tired fire in your backyard, I would think common sense would say that New York entering into these dumb agreements when states like Ohio and Pennsylvania do not is plain stupid.  First, any benefit to clean air for us is lost since the prevailing winds travel west to east and if these states don't participate, we still breath their dirty air.  Worse, we drive up New York energy costs and drive out jobs from New York for green ideas that matter little if the whole country isn't engaged.

Furthermore, the AES Somerset plant is Niagara County's biggest taxpayer and is already suffering economically.  If AES goes under you can surely bet you will see a significant increase in your property taxes and again, for what gain?  Outside of a few whackos, does anyone want to see AES closed?

Unless the federal government is going to impose this crap on everyone....which they will never do, especially in a recession....New York should stop shooting itself in the foot.  Follow New Jersey's lead and drop the RGGI.   Niagara County taxpayers would be grateful.

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Somervisor said...

The RGGI is only the first step in getting New York out of the way of business. The AES plant is getting hammered by the non-elected, tax taking, law making Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The DEC is trying to make all power plants that use bodies of water for cooling to build unnecessary cooling towers. The effect of this on the AES facility is an additional cost of $110,000,000+ for a capital investment that is totally unneeeded. If the DEC is successful in doing this, which they very well may be, AES's doors will be closed the next day and another buyer would not even consider purchasing the plant.
Governor Cuomo, New York is open for Business? Really?? How about listening to the people of New York and sending the special interest groups away. Let them go and destroy some other state.