August 15, 2011

Someones Gotta Pay for Richie's Spending Sprees

Take two stories of late regarding the New York Power Authority.  One, former head honcho Richie Kessel seems to be in trouble for his exorbitant spending at the authority.  Seems once Richie got his hands on the checkbook the sky was the limit.   It's been reported that all sorts groups with ties to Richie benefited from his largess.  But that's only what's been reported.

Sources have told as that salaries for those to tow the company line have been going through the roof.  For example, we're told one of the local NYPA mouthpieces got a $30,000 raise.  Wow.  And we're also told, though we can't confirm, that some version of the the NYPA bonus pay program called variable pay quietly returned when none of the politicians were looking.

Take all of this and move to the next story that NYPA says it needs to raise rates next year on  its preference power customers...which  means you.  Well, no shit.  If they're lighting their proverbial cigars at NYPA with $100 bills someone has to pay the cost.  And we're the lucky suckers.  NYPA has been clamoring for a rate increase for several years and they are sure to cry poor this time.

Our only hope is that Governor Cuomo's folks clean house over there and do it soon.  While state agencies have been forced to downsize, the authorities have been left untouched.  It's time for that to change.  Start by cleaning out all the cronies Kessel brought with him from Long Island.  Until that's done, NYPA has no business raising rates.

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