August 10, 2011

Some Notes Collected......

Some notes collected while wondering whatever happened to Steve D'Anna.......

*  I'm hearing rumblings that that an alliance of folks across the political spectrum are smelling blood in the water when it comes to Dennis Virtuoso.  Between a new district and general voter disgust, Dennis faces a very serious test.

* The results in Wisconsin last night that saw the GOP beat back an attempt to recall several members for their collective bargaining votes got me to thinking that recall elections aren't a really good idea.  I remember when Gray Davis was bumped from California for the Governator and at the time I thought that was a little bizarre as well.  Unless those elected do something illegal or unethical, shouldn't the results of an election stand?  If you don't like what they do, vote for someone else next election.  Politicians are already too timid to make tough decisions....this will make it worse regardless of where you stand on issues.

* The new teacher's contract in Lewiston seemed to be an exercise in reasonable compromise that saw raises in turn for givebacks and a pretty good deal for taxpayers.  I was struck by the fact that the deal goes back to 2008 but no teacher will receive any retroactive pay.  Are you listening NCCC faculty union?  No retroactive pay.  Kudos to those hardworking public employees in Lewiston who understand the need for shared sacrifice.

* I couldn't disagree more with Norton Douglas, candidate for Mayor of Niagara Falls, who believes that Dem Boss David Hougton's effort to knock African American candidates off the ballot wasn't race related.  Douglas, who is African American, seems naive.  While I doubt Hougton was being overtly racist in his challenges to African American candidates, the net result of his action would have been only one African Amercian candidate left for all local offices in the Falls.  Houghton had to know this and went ahead any way.  This is called de facto discrimination and is just as bad.

* Score a win for Sen. Grisanti and Assemblyman Ceretto on expanding the USA Niagara boundaries over the objection of Mayor Dyster and USA head Chris Schoepflin.  I'm not sure what this gains in the long run, but it does send a message that the Cuomo Administration really likes Grisanti.

* Tim Demler gets knocked off the Dem line.  Tim, don't go away mad, just go away.

* Has anyone seen Congresswoman Kathy Hochul anywhere in Niagara County since she got elected?  I guess the drive from Hamburg to Niagara is just too far to make it worth her while to visit constituents.

* I miss poking fun at Greg Lewis.  I really do.  Perhaps I need to talk to somebody.

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Matty said...

Kathy Hochul was in Lockport yesterday, where she held a Q & A session with the public. She's holding these sessions all over her district this month.