August 22, 2011

Seefeldt/Chenier Letter

There's been a fair amount of coverage of a letter written to Democratic Committeepersons in Niagara County by a former and a current member of the same committee, Linda Seefeldt and Pete Chenier related to the campaign of Democrat Patrick Murphy in his quest to unseat Wayne Jagow. I've read at least a couple of letters to the editor in local papers criticizing Seefeldt and Chenier for writing the letter, but hadn't seen the original anywhere, until a kind reader forwarded it along.

I'll let you judge for yourself, other than one small commentary. The letters to the editor that I've read seem to focus on one piece of the Seefeldt and Chenier letter, the part about political contributions. Several writers have asked, "Why is the fact that Pat Murphy hasn't given money to local candidates relevant?" It's very convenient how they've managed to extract one piece of the letter in their criticism of Seefeldt and Chenier in an attempt to minimize the importance of fundraising in campaigns.

Guess what - it is relevant and it is important. Last I looked, the Niagara County GOP had about $130,000 in it's campaign coffers and the Niagara County Dems had about $12,000. Don't hold your breath waiting for sweeping changes across Niagara County's political landscape this year.

Here is the letter:

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Article 7 said...

The part of the letter that I would focus on is where it says that Wayne Jagow does not "play politics". Wayne manages his job as a public servant, looking for ways to "translate government into service."

Full disclosure: I am his son, and a bit biased on the matter. I've seen up close his distaste for things "political" especially when they stand in the way of getting things done.