July 14, 2011

The Politics of Indifference

The dog days of July are not a great time for politics.  While party insiders have been gather petitions, the vast majority of us are way too busy enjoying our summer to worry about political campaigns that are months away.  And yet, these sweltering days are very important because they tell us who we can expect to see running this fall.

From what I hear, we may see a lot of uncontested races this year across the county.  Candidate recruitment is tough and the average working person just isn't all that interested in running for office.  Quite frankly, I believe campaigns like the one for Congress a few months ago continue to turn people completely off.  Campaigns are boiling down to games of gotcha and incessant commercials.  When is the last time a candidate knocked on your door to ask for your support?

Like most areas of our society, politics has gotten lazy.  Those who do run don't really want

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