July 12, 2011

Poor State of Niagara Falls Roads No Laughing Matter

In a June 13th post, I mentioned how I was shocked at the poor condition of streets in Niagara Falls, far worse that I expected even with all the complaints local residents have made.  Now, those poor conditions have led to the loss of a life.  Kevin Johnson was biking down a side street and fell into a open hole where some repair work was apparently underway but the metal plate that was supposed to cover the gaping hole was not in place.  This is a tragedy for his family that was completely preventable.

Do you blame the contractor?  Do you blame Dyster's public works department?  Was this the work of vandals?  Investigations are underway and hopefully someone will be held accountable, though I'm sure that will be little consolation to the family.

In reading articles around this tragedy, you see the disgust people have about the crumbling infrastructure in the Falls.  People are fed up about the poor condition of streets and the fact that so little seems to be done about it.  Mayor Dyster can boast about setting paving records, but quite frankly, that seems very hollow. 

The Mayor has failed because he simply has not made repair enough of a priority.  Why do you give funds to a for-profit entity for concerts rather than put those funds into more road repair.  Same thing about a pointless train museum, questionable Underground Railroad, exorbitant salaries for sub-par department heads and on and on and on.  And don't forget about the Mayor being late to get his road projects submitted to the state back in the early days of the stimulus package when every locality in New York State was battling for critical funding.

Each of those dollars should have been spent making life a little better and a little safer for Niagara Falls residents who have to dodge craters every time they leave their homes.  Boast all you want Mayor, but you have failed miserably in one of the most basic responsibilities of your office.

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sundayniagara said...

Ho, ho, ho, Dyster WILL go! Underground Railroad, WTF is that?