July 20, 2011

Paul Dyster, USA Niagara and the Culinary Institute

Paul Dyster is a moron.  There is no other way to put it.  In today's Niagara Gazette, there is an article about the USA Niagara meeting that took place yesterday.  Senators Maziarz and Grisanti showed up along with Assemblyman Ceretto to question some things.  Dyster said Maziarz' questions were nothing more than sour grapes because the Senator didn't want the Culinary Institute in Niagara Falls and it came any way.  Dyster some how implies that he won this one over Maziarz.  That is nuts.

First, Maziarz did indeed think Lewiston would be a better location and who would disagree that Lewiston is much more desirable.  But the Culinary Institute is much too big for the Village and would have actually ripped a apart much of which makes Lewiston so charming.  Once everyone recognized this, the idea was dropped.

Maziarz also said that building in Niagara Falls is damn near impossible and he has again been proven right.  The culinary should have been opened two years ago, but no site could be found.  If it wasn't for the innovative approach of NCCC President Jim Klyczek this thing would be dead.  Klyczek figured out how to get David Cordish to donate the Rainbow Mall to the college.  Klyczek should be honored as the top economic development official in Niagara Falls and given Peter Kay's salary to boot.  Outside of some funds, Dyster has been more of a nuisance than a help on this.

Last, if Maziarz was truly against the project it would be dead.  The County Legislature had to approve NCCC's land acquisition and lease and they did.  Remember, the Legislature has a Republican Majority aligned with Maziarz.  NCCC's trustees had to greenlight this.  The Majority of that board is close to the Senator as well.  As a matter of fact, at the time of all of this, Marvin Maziarz, George's brother, chaired the board.

Insiders told me that the Trustees have erupted numerous times over Dyster's attempt to co-op their project.  Trustee Gina Virtuoso (Dennis's wife) has had to go the Mayor numerous times and tell him to tone it down before the other trustees go public.  That is why Dyster has been sent from the podium to the audience on any press events with the culinary of late, like the Seneca Gaming Corporation event where the SGC made large contribution to the institute.

Dyster just can't figure out that his role is to do all the little things like pave streets and pick up garbage that make the city desirable for investment.  Instead, we have melees on Main Street and cyclists falling into uncovered manholes.  I guess you can't blame Dyster for tying to glom onto the one good thing happening in Niagara Falls in the Culinary.

Well, that's not fair.  It is also good news that the Merani family will put a TGI Friday's restaurant in their new hotel, the former Crowne Plaza.  Dyster was pretty excited about that......but then again, he lambasted the NCIDA for assisting the Merani family in their acquisition of the hotel.  Yep, I said it once and I'll say it again....good stuff can happen in the Falls if you can keep Dyster and his bumbling fools out of it.


sundayniagara said...

One day, we'll look for Ulysses Dyster and baby, he'll be gone, another one banished to the NF failed mayors club.

The Avenger said...

Dyster needs to attach himself to other people's projects since his own record is so terrible. He and Delmonte can sip lemonade on the front porch together after he loses.