July 14, 2011

D.A. Needs to Investigate Nixonian Tactics in Lockport

Although not much surprises us much in politics, we occasionally see things that make us shake our heads. One of those instances has arisen in the past 24 hours, during which time multiple sources familiar with the situation told us that City of Lockport Alderman Jack Smith revealed to the council that he has been secretly recording executive session meetings of the city council. Smith, who is abandoning his council seat in a run for mayor of the city, has been secretly recording the council's executive sessions for the past year.

Frankly, Smith's Nixonian approach to governing is very disturbing. Executive sessions are confidential proceedings for a reason, which has been defined by law. While we're not going to speculate on Smith's motives or intentions, the fact that he is willing to stoop to such levels for what appears to be his personal political gain is unconscionable. It also completely undermines any semblance of trust within that room when council members get together to discuss issues which fall under the purview of executive session.

Smith needs to answer for this underhanded tactic; he owes an explanation to his colleagues on the council, and more importantly, he needs to explain to the people who elected him why he feels it's necessary to resort to secretly tape record these meetings. He also needs to explain to the voters who he expects to vote for him for mayor why he's done what he's done. Given Smith's track record, we won't hold our breath.

Nonetheless, we have serious concerns about the legality of Smith's actions. We strongly encourage Niagara County District Attorney Michael Violante to investigate Smith's tapings to determine if any laws have been violated. If nothing else, the public's trust in Smith has been violated.


John Adams said...

You're funny..

Your assumption is that the gathering of information is a crime.Your comments are laughable. Do your homework first.

The content of the tapes should only be of concern to those breaking the law. Smith is not one of those people and your sloppy reporting is silly.

What should be of concern is the fact that Council members discuss confidential information and outcome's following Executive Sessions with the press on a regular basis. As a matter of fact is was Mike Tucker himself that leaked this story that originated in Executive Session. So where's the breach? The answer is... there is none from Smith, but there is on the part of the Mayor.

So take a deep breath and do some research before you report on this "None Issue" again.

If I were you and Mike Tucker..I would hope that this story goes away very soon.

It's Our Turn said...

I REALLY hate to admit it, but you're right. "John Adams" might be a Smith supporter, but his support is misplaced.
It's a rotten shame that Smith did this - but what is worse is that he, and some people in this City, think he was right to do what he did! I seriously can't believe it!

John Adams said...


There are many many other things the Common Council "does" that are shameful.One obvious one is the use of the "Kings English".

Although the "Smith Recordings" seem to be something easily sensationalize by the press, it pale's in comparrison to the GLDC follies for instance, but you probibly don't want to go there. Or the ownership of rental property by board members that were given special consideration on varience issues, or the complete and total breach of confidentiality by Mayor Tucker when he spoon fed the "recording story" to Joyce Miles even though he knew they originated from the very confidential Executive Sessions. Who's BS-ing Whom? All of this D.A. talk is crazy talk. I even heard a women on the radio say the FBI should be called in. Why? so we can see what off color remarks we're made by Santa Joe Kibler and the rest of the Kibler Elves??

This is good humorous stuff..let's just leave it there.

Xavier said...

I realize that the Primary is long past, but, perhaps, other people now recognize that Smith blew it. Big time!!
I haven't heard a peep out of either Jack or Luisa which I find odd.
All he has to do now is hand over the tapes/digital media/whatever to Ottaviano - where it belongs.