July 14, 2011

All Hail Our Leader, Art Giacalone

So, a new Peace Bridge is dead.  After waiting more than a decade to build something better and more efficient, our community has finally thrown in the towel.  And who helped kill this plan...while none other than Art Giacalone,who killed the Verizon project in Somerset.

Now, it would be easy to tee off on Art as a piece of shit who makes his money by just opposing everything while purporting to do so in all of our best interest.  But, I'm not going to do that.  You see, maybe Artie is right.  He does indeed know better than all of us do.  We don't need jobs in Somerset from a environmentally-friendly data center.  No, we need to watch butterflies with old Amherst hags.

We do not need a new Peace Bridge.  We never did according to Artie.  We need better schools.  Yes, so children with a better education can move to places that don't hold back progress to find jobs since we don't have any jobs here.  In Artie's world, we should be able to turn all of WNY back to the way settlers found in about 100 years or so.

So, screw mayors, governors, legislators.  You don't matter.  Artie Giacalone will determine our future.  I for one welcome our new king.  All Hail our Leader, Art Giacalone.


sundayniagara said...

I didn't follow this issue closely, but wasn't there a lot of opposition from the surrounding neighborhood?

It's Our Turn said...

Yes - the neighbors raised Holy Hell about the "new" Peace Bridge primarily because of the truck traffic. Everything from noise from trucks idling while waiting their turn, to trucks having to turn around on residential streets to noxious fumes emanating from them.
I think it's similar to our "Smart Growth" people who continue to complain about the new WalMart. (As it's being built.)
If you don't want to hear trucks idling - DON'T BUY A HOUSE THAT CLOSE TO THE PEACE BRIDGE!