June 13, 2011

Some Notes Collected....

Some notes collected while wondering whatever happened to Dan Mocniak….

·        Councilman Sam Fruschione is calling into question a “report” given by the Idaho developer who is supposedly creating a Christmas Bizarre in Niagara Falls.  Seems the report is light on details.  Does anyone at all think this crazy scheme will come to fruition and if it somehow does, if it will last more than one winter?

·        Speaking of crazy schemes, seems I haven’t heard from the Wizard of Oz amusement folks in a while.  I’m sure their financing will be happening any day now.

·        It may have taken 3 major accidents on Dysinger Road in 16 months to get the DOT to move toward action, but at least they are finally moving.  Congrats to Supervisor Mark Smith and Senator Maziarz on getting this addressed.

·        Speaking of roads, I came off the Robert Moses Parkway past the casino the other day and cut down 7th Street headed toward my destination.  For all those complaining about street conditions in Niagara Falls, your complaints are not nearly strong enough.  Unless b-52 bombers are hitting Niagara Falls every night, I have no ideas how those streets can be in such disrepair.

·        Michael Pillot’s entry into a Democrat primary against Jack Smith for Lockport Mayor is good news for Mayor Tucker.  Sources say Democrats have not endorsed in this race because while Smith should be the stronger candidate his council record is less than impressive which gives Pillot a chance in the primary.

·        History is indeed repeating itself in N.T. where the same cast of unsuccessful candidates are running again.  What’s the old saying….insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result.

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Rocketboy said...

It's amazing how there can be three 'major' accidents on a straight road with well marked intersections and a good site line. You can't fix people's carelessness.