June 30, 2011

Screw You, Larry Quinn

These are exciting days in Sabreland as new owner Terry Pegula has unleashed the purse strings on the team and in doing so, unleashed a lot of excitement about the future prospects of the Sabres.  Fans are downright giddy that the old regime led by Larry Quinn is nothing but a distant memory.

But this post isn't about Quinn's failed legacy in bringing a Stanley Cup to Buffalo.  It's about his failed legacy on Buffalo's watefront.  Quinn attacked Senator Maziarz in Sunday's Buffalo News because the Senator had the audacity to question what appears to be some ugly conflicts of interest in efforts to develop (OK, stop laughing) Buffalo's waterfront.  The issues raised by the Senator which were initially reported in other Buffalo News articles revolve around favored developers and a questionable procurement process.  Maziarz is particularly interested because $100 million in NYPA money is committed to this effort and as we all know, Maziarz always takes an interest in how NYPA is spending our money.

But good old Larry has a problem with the head of the Western New York state delegation questioning any of this phony baloney.  Larry Quinn seems like one of these guys who believes he's always the smartest guy in the room.  So, he is appalled that someone would question the wisdom of waterfront decision-making.  Larry believes the Senator's inquiry will delay waterfront development......yes, years of tilting at windmills waiting for Bass Pro was OK, but making sure the integrity of public money is maintained, that creates unnecessary delay.

We urge the Senator to keep going.  We're all tired of insider deals that benefit a few.  And if this makes Larry Quinn unhappy, he can go screw himself like he screwed up signing Drury and Briere.

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It's Our Turn said...

Larry Quinn has the unfortunate (for the rest of us) idea that he, and he alone, knows how to spend NYPA funds. The guy's NOT my favorite person, if you couldn't tell.
With Pegula buying the Sabres, we have the best chance for a Stanley Cup since the Knox's. He's not afraid to spend money on improving the team and has been a fan since he was a kid. I, too listened to the games from the West Coast hiding my transistor radio under the covers.
Quinn's a joke and a half - Pegula's a gift from God and, hopefully, I'll see a Stanley Cup in Buffalo before I die. We've earned it.
Senator Maziarz is doing what he's been elected to do - take care of his constituency. He's been tremendously efficacious in his position which benefits us.
We're very fortunate to have him as our representative in Albany.