June 7, 2011

The Robert Moses Parkway Saga

State Parks dropped by the other day to get input some ideas for the Robert Moses Parkway.  People north of Niagara Falls want it essentially left alone.  Falls advocates want it removed.  It's been the Hatfields and McCoys for some time and probably will be for a while.  My own thoughts is that there are far better things to spend precious resources on before we should even ENTERTAIN the idea of taking the Parkway out, ideas I think we could all agree on. For example:

1)  Take the parking out of Niagara Falls State Park and return it fully to Olmsted's vision.  This would push more people into the City, especially if parking were put up by Nabisco, creating more economic activity while making the greenies happy by returning the park to its natural state.

2) Build the Experience Center.  Remember this little gem of an idea to create a world class attraction on this side of the Falls.  How about we see that one through.

3) Re-open the walkway.  If we're moving parking, then let's have an alternative for bad weather days and winter days for people to be protected from the elements.  We all remember the connectors from the Convention Center (casino) to the Rainbow mall (culinary.)

4) Demolish, demolish, demolish.  The number of vacant homes in Niagara Falls is staggering and contributes to crime.  Get them down.

I welcome your other thoughts and suggestions.  And if you believe Parkway removal is indeed the right investment for scarce dollars right now and will have a good return on the investment, tell me how.


sundayniagara said...


Lewport said...

A long time ago (1990's), I attended a meeting where a developer explained to the then Niagara Falls Mayor - that the only means to improvement to the city was through improved housing.

With better housing you attract professionals. There would be no residency requirements needed, if the neighborhoods were places where people wanted to live.

I agree with your demolish, demolish, demolish theory Hobbes. If new houses had bigger lots and whole neighborhoods would be rebuilt, business would come back.

Once again, this Parkway Issue is clouding the real problem in Niagara Falls - deteriorating neighborhoods. Until housing is addressed, every else is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The Avenger said...

All the lefties should rally behind your idea of booting the parking lots from the park. We are idiots for allowing people to park next the Falls and then leave without ever going through the city. What other attraction allows this?

Niagara Forum said...

Parkway Justification: https://www.nysdot.gov/recovery/sponsors/tiger/repository/Niagara%20Falls%20NY%20Application.pdf
Its called investing in your future. Removing the Parkway spurs PRIVATE INVESTMENT.

It would be nice to remove the excess commerce and parking lots from the parks. Niagara Community Forum has been advocating that for some time.

Walkway: Never worked. Remove the Glass and Industrial Siding and install real Storefronts.

The city needs to raise its tax base. To do that it needs to develop its tourist industry. That means we have to Develop Falls Street and the Riverfront.

Sundayniagara just called you and I a bunch of Nazis on NCF.