June 16, 2011

Punishing Students at NCCC

Today's Buffalo News article on the NCCC Trustee meeting was a little disturbing.  First some quick background.  The College budget needs to be approved by the County Legislature every year.  The County makes a financial commitment to the College called local share.  For the last several years, NCCC has requested an increase in local share while the county has kept it flat.  This year that scenario played out again.

So, obviously the College then needs to go back and tweak its budget for the increase in money it wanted from the County but didn't get, in this case $350,000.  Apparently, one option being considered is an increase in student tuition above and beyond the 4 percent that has already been approved.  What an outrage.

It's no secret that many students, especially from working class families, turn to community colleges as a less expensive alternative to begin their higher education.  Many of these families have been hurt very badly by this recession, many parents have lost their jobs and the prospects for the next few years don't look good.

With that as the backdrop, how in good conscience could the trustees ever consider a tuition hike?  NCCC needs to find other ways to cut their budget starting with the fat faculty contract.  It's no secret that NCCC President Jim Klyczek has been trying to reign in these costs, but the faculty in their ivory tower refuse to do anything to help. 

Just remember while your struggling, the NCCC faculty still have ELECTIVE COSMETIC PLASTIC SURGERY in their contracts.  While they whine about wanting fat raises and haven't had  a contract for years, they still have been getting step increases each year.  Have you gotten a raise every year since the recession hit?  I'm told they pay little to nothing for their gold-plated health insurance that taxpayers on the hook for until they die.   OUTRAGEOUS and THEY WANT MORE!!!

So, to everyone involved, don't punish the kids who are trying to build their future so the fatcats can have more.  A four percent tuition hike is more than enough.


The Avenger said...

Why would one expect the faculty to give a damn about the taxpayers or the students struggling to fund college. All they want is to get theirs and everyone else be damned. It's this attitude that makes people think maybe Wisconsin has it right.

Apple Pie Bunker said...

I attended NCCC twice and received an excellent education both times. I credit my successful career to the dedicated instructors I was fortunate enough to have as mentors. My daughter, who is now a nurse practioner, received her RN from NCCC. If you want to attract and retain good faculty then you need to reward them. The return on investment from NCCC should be the bar all others are measured by.