June 27, 2011

Niagara Falls Has Gotten Exactly What It Deserves

Read Denise Jewell Gee's column in today's Buffalo News.  It's titled "Niagara Falls Deserves Better Than It's Received."  It's a well-written piece about how New York State takes too much money out of the Park revenue and Casino without investing enough of it back in the helping the city.  No argument here in that regard.  But the central premise is that Niagara Falls is some innocent dupe being taken advantage of by others.  That's not accurate.

The old saying is God  helps those who help themselves.  Along those lines, what has Niagara Falls done to help themselves?  Government has been both corrupt and/or inept forever.  The local share of casino money and the NYPA settlement money have not appeared to produce job one.  Money is pissed away on Chritsmas bizarres and promises of some Undeground Railroad attraction run by someone on the city payroll who only seems to producing for himself.  Accountability over these funds is zilch.

When other try to help, there hand is slapped.  Take the County IDA which has actually had some success in Niagara Falls.  The Mayor and his minions attack the IDA for actually creating wealth and jobs, seemingly because they can't claim credit for it.

And overall governance of the day to day is a disaster.  The roads suck.  Water rates are astronomical but the politicians all lack the balls to call for shutting down the Falls Water Authority, laying everyone off and begging the county to take over.  Vacant, abandoned houses line the street.

Last, as I stated a few days ago, good things happen in the Falls when you can work around City Government.  The bottom line is that Falls does indeed deserve better but that has to start by getting their own house in order first.

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