June 2, 2011

More Health Care Outrage

Lockport's former highway chief Michael Hoffman got let go when Mayor Tucker reorganized City Hall to reduce costs.  Happens all the time in the private sector, but Hoffman feels he's been wronged and is entitled to keep his job forever.....of course, he does.  But this article isn't about Hoffman's job woes.  Following up on our last post, the Union Sun & Journal article on Hoffman had this tidbit:

"Hoffman was 18 days away from the five-year service mark that, under the Lockport City Managers Association’s labor contract, would have qualified him for lifetime city-paid health insurance."

WTF.....five years of employment and you suck taxpayers dry for health insurance for the rest of your life.  Are you friggin kidding me?  For all those clamoring for cutting spending, we need to start right here.  This is the low-hanging fruit that Democrats and Republicans together should be able to call outrageous and excessive.  And how this perks continue to fly under the radar is beyond me. 

If you are a Tea Party activist, you should be outraged.  If you are left leaning, then you should be pissed that education aid was whacked while at the same time we're paying for this nonsense.  And no government entity should agree to another contract that doesn't eliminate these types of provisions.

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