June 20, 2011

Maybe There Is A Chance For the Falls

OK, I know that headline grabbed your attention and maybe you're saying to yourself, "Is Hobbes finally going soft."  After all, what would make me every remotely optimistic about the future of the Falls? Well, hold onto your hat because it was a Mark Scheer column in the Niagara Gazette.  Now, I know you're blown away.

Explanation:  Scheer wrote a nice little column about partnerships in the Falls.  More specific, he talked about how NCCC and the Seneca Nation were teaming up regarding the culinary institute and how it could be a win/win for both.  NCCC President Jim Klyczek said he hoped to partner with the DiCienzo family, the new owners of the new Sheraton Hotel, as well.

What got me excited is that the realization that good things can happen and the key to that is NOT involving Paul Dyster and his inept city government in any meaningful way.  Dyster opposed the IDA deal for DiCienzo. Dyster would be still be fighting with David Corsdish at the Rainbow Mall. Dyster likes train stations with no train traffic.  He simply has no sense of what it means to create jobs and is an obstacle to economic development.  But, if you can work your way around the obstacle, then you might have a shot at progress.

So, good work NCCC and Senecas.  Keep it up.  And keep the city at arm's length.

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