June 9, 2011

Good Luck Brittany Catchpole

18 year-old Brittany Catchpole is the newest Niagara County Legislator.  We do not know much about Ms. Catchpole other than she was an intern in the County Legislature who hoped to return to that body one day and has now indeed done so.  We also know that she is now the youngest person to ever serve in the Niagara County Legislature.

Congratulations to Ms. Catchpole on that accomplishment.  Too many times we hear about how disinterested young people are in government.  So few vote, especially in non-presidential years.  Ms. Catchpole will hopefully be an inspiration to other young people that you should get involved.

Ms. Catchpole will have to run for re-election this year in the new Town of Niagara/Niagara Falls district.  She is a Democrat and the County Dems have already endorsed a candidate right from Dan Rivera central casting....a Niagara Falls male union member.  But the Town of Niagara makes up a greater percent of the district and Ms .Catchpole could turn into the feel good story of this year's election season.  Plus, you certainly can't go negative on a young, earnest teenager.

My early prediction is Catchpole wins the primary and the general election, fueled by a strong turnout of young people she knows from Niagara Wheatfield and female voters who want more diversity in the Legislature.  We wish her the best.

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