May 24, 2011

Vote Today

The 26th Congressional race mercifully comes to a close today when the nonsense stops and the voters take charge of the race from out of town consultants. Please tell your friends and neighbors that we all have an obligation to get out and vote. It's what makes democracy works.

I'll be voting Corwin today because I do not feel Hochul has done anything to try to connect with Niagara County in this campaign. She lives way down in Hamburg, knows nothing about us and has not tried to learn during the campaign. I'm particularly disturbed by Hochul's stance on the New York Power Authority. Corwin represents some of Niagara County in the Assembly and has been active on the local scene for some time. I feel she is one of us, more likely to listen to our concerns and deliver.

That's my choice. You have yours. Just make sure you make your voice heard.


sundayniagara said...

Go Kathy Go!

sundayniagara said...

It's a beautiful morning in WNY, as Americans bask in the afterglow of a victory over evil anti-American Repugnantcants. Go Kathy Go!