May 9, 2011

Thoughts Collected......

I always used to like Larry Felser's sports column in the Buffalo News where he collected random thoughts and started off the column with "Thoughts collected while wondering whatever happened to ...(insert name of long-forgotten sports icon.)  So, in an homage to Larry and attempt to clear off my desk, I will follow Larry's format.

Some thoughts collected while wondering whatever happened to former Newfane Supervisor John Connolly.

* In firing back against an article in last week's Niagara Falls Reporter, Mayor Paul Dyster told the Niagara Gazette: “I had complete confidence in Mr. Virtuoso’s competence at that time and still have total confidence in him."  Confidence to do what?  The city is full of houses that seem to be falling down and yet Dennis seems to have plenty of time to attend to his political business.  Dyster has confidence that Dennis will watch his back politically and I guess that's what counts.

* Wayne Jagow could have his most serious race for County Clerk ever if rumors of Patrick Murphy running for the seat prove true.  Murphy comes from a well-known political family with good resources for the race.

* While Jagow may be in a tough race, Mayor Tucker in Lockport should not have too tough of a time with Jack Smith.  Smith said he thinks the Mayor should be like a CEO, taking direction from a Board of Directors.  Jack, here's a helpful hint:  CEOs and Mayors are hired/elected to provide strong leadership,  not be led around by the nose.  I see the bumper sticker:  Jack Smith for Mayor,  He Likes to Follow.

* The Verizon appeal may go forward in Somerset even though Verizon says it has no intention of building in Niagara County.  But that's still not good enough for the old Amherst Hag Rizzo and the most hated man in Niagara, her attorney, Art Giacolone who said in the Buffalo News, “My client (Rizzo) has to be comfortable that nobody else is going to build something along the lines of Verizon."  Really, we don't want clean, high-tech business ever?  Well, then lots put of fucking dump right across the street or maybe burn some extra crappy coal.  How about a refinery?  Ms. Rizzo, you're property is across the street from a coal burning plant but because you like to chase butterflies, you've killed hundreds of jobs, stopping people from feeding their family and paying their mortgage while you sit in your Amherst estate probably dining on surf and turf.  There's a special place in hell for people like you and your attorney.

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