May 18, 2011

Some Notes Collected....

Some notes collected while wondering whatever happened to Brad Erck.

* Francine DelMonte seems to be taking pseudo control of the County Democrat Committee which is a smart political move on her part. DelMonte must have realized that she, Dyster and Rivera ran the party in the ground over the last 5 plus years and that ultimately played a role in her defeat.

* Of course, DelMonte has never had the best political instincts, so it came as no surprise that one of her first moves in party building was to screw Bob Anderson out of the endorsement. Free advice bridges, don't blow them up.

* Is it just me or does Governor Cuomo seemed most interested in just checking boxes to say he got something done? He is sending signals he'll water down the property tax cap merely to say that NY has a cap. I'm hearing rumblings of this approach on other issues. I hope this isn't the case.

* Kudos to N.T. school board voters for showing they do indeed care. Bob Arbeiter, finished dead last in the race. You have restored some of my lost faith in this process.

* Kathy Hochul has done of the best rope-a-dope strategies in recent memories by making the 26th Congressional Race all about Medicare. Corwin walked right into it and has been playing from behind ever since.

* On that same note, how does Hochul get away with saying she wants to cut the deficit but do it the right way and then say nothing more? This proves DC Democrats have no interest in really cutting the deficit.

* Last on that race, am I the only one who remembers that Hochul was at first fine with driver's licenses for illegal immigrants when Spitzer first proposed it and then hopped on the band wagon when the backlash started?

* Our friends over at the Niagara Falls Reporter have really gotten Dennis Virtuoso in a snit. I don't know all the facts about alleged investigations into demo contracts and the such. What I will say is that Dennis was never shy about ruining other people's reputations by filing bogus ethics charges, calling for Boards of Inquiry, firing off letters to the A.G. all with the sole purpose of creating smoke so he could say someone was under investigation. Karma can be a real bitch.


sundayniagara said...

Go Kathy Go! The Reporter SUCKS, which wasn't always the case.

The Avenger said...

Corwin's campaign has been abysmal. It's clear that George Maziarz should have run for this seat. He would have been a grown up in this race actually talking about issues. I've never seen a campaign with 3 more unlikable people.

Dark Knight said...

How can Dennis be both the chief building inspector and a slum lord? Where's the Niagara Gazette on that topic.