May 5, 2011

Siskell & Twan

We would be completely remiss if we didn't share this little gem, compliments of Casey Seiler of Capitol Confidential. Apparently former New York State Senator Antoine "Twan" Thompson has finally landed a new gig. No, he's not serving as the Executive Director of MENSA, but he has taken to one of our favorite pastimes, blogging.

Now, being that the blog is about the WNY African-American community, we would think that Twan's contributions would center around providing some type of political perspective within the black community. After all, he has spent his entire adult life in that arena. Alas, the principles within the blog's organization see a different role for Twan.

In what is clearly an attempt to utilize Twan's full gamut of skills, he apparently will assume full responsibility for the website's movie reviews. After Thompson's initial review, it looks like Twan has found his niche. I mean, who else could provide such in-depth perspective of "Madea's Big Happy Family"? The line "The daughters are constantly berating and belittling their two hardworking and loving husbands" sends shivers down my spine. Roger Ebert, eat your heart out. 

Former Democratic state Sen. Antoine Thompson of Buffalo is one of the principals behind, a new online social and news magazine about western New York’s African-American community.

“It will be a source for social gathering and social networking featuring the best and the brightest of many areas of interest such as politics, cultural, entertainment, news, sports, and every day people,” the site explains.

The blog doesn’t yet have a deep inventory of posts, but be sure to check out Thompson’s review of Tyler Perry’s latest film, “Madea’s Big Happy Family.” Not to strangle the baby in the cradle, but Thompson’s review suggests he’s no Pauline Kael:
The only major criticism of the movie centers around the traditional stereotype of the angry Black Woman.  The daughters are constantly berating and belittling their two hardworking and loving husbands.  The movie has many adult themes and a must see for men and women.
OK, the site could use some copy-editing. What blog couldn’t?

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