May 20, 2011

The Partisan Attorney General

Judge Matt Murphy comes from a powerful political family and is particularly well-known in Eastern Niagara County. DA Mike Violante is a political powerhouse in the Western end. Family Court Judge Dave Seaman is beloved in almost every corner of the county. Anyone running for office would love the endorsement from these guys but they're not going to get it. Why? Because those charged with enforcing and ruling on laws stay out of politics. They recognize that it could compromise the appearance of fair and equal treatment for all. Judges in particular are barred from this sort of activity.

Which brings us to Attorney General Eric Schneidermann endorsement of Kathy Hochul for Congress. The AG is the highest law enforcement official in the State of New York yet he muddles right into the middle of a Congressional race that he knows little about. It's not like he lives anywhere near the district. Schneridmann immediately calls into question whether his office is a fair enforcer of state law or an arm of the Democrat Party, probably more the later.

After all, Schneiderman was a member of the disastrous and short-lived Senate Democrat Majority, a group that was all about politics and light on substance (think Antoine Thompson.) Schneiderman gets elected last year and rather than spend the first year establishing himself as representing ALL the people of the state, this endorsement shows he's still a partisan hack first and foremost.

The New York State Bar Association should weigh in on the appropriateness of political campaign activities by the Attorney General. It's in bad form and should cease.


sundayniagara said...

And maybe you think he should endorse the two Nazis instead? Go Kathy Go!

Apple Pie Bunker said...

Hmmm. So what you are saying is, it's okay for you to endorse a Democrat for Niagara Falls City Council and praise the chairman for his political savvy, but it's not okay for an Attorney General, who we know is a Democrat, to endorse a Democrat. Crying foul after you align yourself with the other side sounds a bit like sour grapes and less like a call to uphold the ethics of that Office.

Mark said...

Go Kathy Go!