May 10, 2011

NF GOP Offers Support to Dem Councilman

The decision to offer support of the candidacy of Democrat Bob Anderson by Niagara Falls GOP head Bob Krause is an all-around good decision by Krause. Anyone who's crossed paths with Anderson knows he's a stand-up guy who doesn't let politics sway his decisions.

For Krause, the decision is a shrewd one politically. Throwing the support behind Dem Anderson shows a desire to work together, not solely based only political parties, but for the betterment of the city as a whole. That perspective has been absent from Niagara Falls for far too long and will likely resonate with voters.

For Anderson, it creates several options, including the ability to run in a Dem primary, while ensuring a spot on the November ballot on the GOP line. While the Dem candidates will surely try to paint Anderson as a Republican, it won't take much for him to overcome that minor obstacle.

The move also worked well for Krause because it forced City Dem Chair David Houghton to answer some very uncomfortable questions about the committee, namely who's running the show. More specifically, it put Houghton on the position of having to disclose the fact that former Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte, who is not a resident of Niagara Falls, is calling the shots within the city's Dem committee. That cannot be comfortable for Houghton.

According to the Gazette, Houghton said DelMonte is involved in the committee, but insisted she holds one vote and one voice in a larger group of decision makers. Anyone who's ever crossed paths with DelMonte knows that she is not one voice in any group - she dominates the conversation and will not stop until she gets consensus. In other words, she doesn't stop badgering the entire room until she gets her way. To suggest otherwise is laughable. As Krause stated, the decision by the committee to bypass proven vote-getter Anderson for to newbies is political retribution - nothing more and nothing less.

Krause also pointed out the fact that the Dems will not have a single minority candidate on the ballot for city council this year. If anyone thinks that point will go unnoticed by county legislator Renae Kimble, they're sadly mistaken. Her ability to rally the minority vote is unquestionable, and will certainly factor into the outcome of the primary. And she will never, ever stand down for Kimble.


sundayniagara said...

Unbelievable the amount of pull that feminine hygiene product, FDM has.

Apple Pie Bunker said...

Hobbes, I have been waiting patiently for evidence of a fire in your belly once again. Instead you write this love fest blog for Anderson and Krause! What a sad day it is for Niagara Falls that the city committee cannot come up with even one Republican to run on the GOP line. What brilliant strategy is behind electing all Democrats to the City Council? If Dyster loses his reelection bid than I wonder how clever everyone will look?

The Avenger said...

Can we just say it now? Dyster talks about being a friend to the minority community and then has screwed them at every turn. The only person of color to benefit from Dyster's reign is Kevin Cotrell who receives a boatload of cash to promote the Underground Railroad.

When the the minority community wakeup and stop being the doormat for people like Dyster who take their votes for granted.