April 28, 2011

Winners & Losers

Welcome to one of our new features and where your old pal Hobbes (yes, I’m now referring to myself in the third person) gives you the winners and losers on recent political happenings.  Today, the recent redistricting by the Niagara County Legislature:

1)       Chairman Bill Ross:  Ross said from the outset the process would be fair and transparent and that is exactly what happened.  In spite of Dennis Virtuoso’s child -like tantrum about the Independent Redistricting Commission at the start of the process, Ross proved good people from the community can come together and do the right thing.

2)      Rural Towns:  The town supervisors of Niagara County’s rural towns were vocal early and often on how they wanted their districts to look and they pretty much got what they wanted.

3)      Village of Lewiston:  The Village people (that makes me laugh to write that) wanted nothing to do with Niagara Falls and weren’t shy about saying so.  They got their wish in a new district with part of Wheatfield.

4)      Dennis Virtuoso:  Virtuoso was all over these hearings and meetings and his whining led to parts of Niagara Falls combined back into one district.

1)       Rob Clark:  Clark said at the public meeting that he didn’t like Niagara/Wheatfield combined with Niagara Falls.  When the commission addressed Virtuoso’s issues, Wheatfield got pulled out and the Town of Niagara was combined with even more of the Falls.  Rob, if it’s any consolation, the people of Wheatfield are grateful.

2)      Virtuoso:  The man has gumption.  He tried to get all of the Legislative district numbers changed so his district would still be #4 and he wouldn’t have to buy new lawn signs.  He failed.

3)      Ken Hamilton:  We like Ken and believe his argument about how a majority minority district in 2011 actually hurts minority representation, but his call fell on deaf ears as no one seemed willing to challenge prevailing law.  Perhaps it’s time to recognize that laws put on the books 40 years ago to help minorities need to fresh look….the times have changed.


Mr. Pink said...

Hobbes, I think you'd have to those who like to see change in Legislative bodies were big winners. Driven by the downsizing and redistricting, conventional wisdom says that out of 19 current legislators the following won't be returning: Marasco, Kimble, Soluri, Skalarski, Rizzo and Farnham. Plus, Bulman and Virtuoso are in the same district so one of them is gone as well. I can't ever remember that level of turnover from both sides of the aisle in one year and this is before campaigns have even started.

rob clark said...

Hobbes,.....Ouch! Although your right. I did not want the Towns of Niagara or Wheatfield combined with Niagara Falls. The Independent Redistricting Commission had there hands tied with the "minority district" rule.
Ken Hamilton is right, its not really needed anymore. If that district wasn't needed Niagara Falls wouldnt be in the same new district as the Town of Niagara.

I guess maybe I should have whined and cried like the rest of the NF reps that were there, (minus Vince Sandonato )or perhaps in the media alittle more.