April 25, 2011

Starting Fresh

As regular readers have noticed, Niagara Times has undergone some changes recently. Call it what you may, but the bottom line is that I have not been happy with where the blog has gone and what it has become.

When this site was launched, it was to provide insight into happenings in Niagara County, primarily on political issues, and to often provide commentary on those happenings. We’ve gotten away from that. I say “we’ve gotten away from that” because Niagara Times has never been one person. While those who contribute to the blog all use the same login and thus the same posting name, Niagara Times has had no less than six people contributing commentary on a regular basis. Quite frankly, this has impacted the quality of the site.

Since almost the beginning of Niagara Times, I have received tons of email with links, rumors, story ideas, and sometimes almost fully completed “posts.”  While I always reviewed much of this, in the earliest days of the blog, I really stuck with as much original content as possible.  My reason for the existence of the blog was to let us all hear the whispers of the political class, break some significant political news stories from time to time and provide analysis of what was going on in our community.

Yet, we seem to have drifted from that as I’ve assumed additional job & family responsibilities and allowed others to dictate the tone of the blog and post on the blog. I’ve relied too much on outside content which I think has made the site seem quite shrill at times and certainly has taken on a more state-wide and national focus.  The number of truly thoughtful, analytical pieces has decreased.  An increasing amount of “spoon-fed” content from those with an agenda which I would have dismissed before has made it onto the site.

Today, that ends.  I can’t promise that there will be a post every single day as I have for so long, but the content will improve, and the purely attack-mode will cease.  I’m still okay with taking shots at those who deserve it and calling out the bullshit around us, but it will be with purpose, with thought and with wit.

Consider the new look of the site my symbolic way of saying we’re starting fresh.

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rjdj22 said...

Sounds to me like the Niagara Falls Community guy stirred something up.