April 4, 2011

Memo to Paul: Hope is Not a Budget Strategy

Mayor Paul A. Dyster said he’s concerned, too. “We hope as the economy recovers, the amount collected will go up, so that our sales tax percentage gets a buffer,” he said.

In case you didn't read today's Buffalo News, there is an excellent article on how the new census impacts sales tax revenues. In Niagara County, sales tax is distributed by population. Hence, your local government population goes up (Wheatfield) you get a bigger piece of the pie. If people flock out of your locality because their sick of your gross incompetence (Niagara Falls) your piece shrinks.

So now that the numbers are out and the Falls stands to lose about $700K annually in sales tax revenue. Of course, since Dyster was an arms negotiator for the USA in talks with the USSR, we can all be sure that he knows about planning ahead, that he was already preparing for multiple scenarios, gaming out different actions for each scenario, right?

Well, Paul's strategy seems to be hope...as in, "I, myself, can't control any of this, so I just hope things get better. I especially hope they get better by Election Day. I hope people continue to think I'm really smart because I have no friggin clue how to solve this stuff."

Well, Paul, hope is not a strategy......but turning to your friends here at the Niagara Times, now that would make sense. At no charge to you because we feel bad that are surrounded by enough do-nothing bureaucrats wasting tax dollars (Donna Owens) here are some thoughts:

1) Take back the money you keep pissing away on the Underground Railroad and direct it to something that actually creates some economic activity.
2) Ask Governor Cuomo to eliminate USA Niagara Development Corporation and give the city those funds to make significant infrastructure repair and create shove ready sites. Seriously, what the f*** have these idiots done?
3) Eliminate all so-called economic development positions on the City Payroll and enter into partnership with the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency, which is the only agency with any sort of record at accomplishing anything.

There's three concrete suggestions and this is a Monday morning and we're still a little foggy from celebrating the Sabres win. I'm sure there are more out there.

Or, you could rub that rabbit's foot, look for a four-leaf clover and keep hoping.........

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