March 7, 2011

Studies Gone Wild

Gazette reporter Mark Scheer pretty much hit the nail on the head with this piece detailing yet another study of what ails the City of Niagara Falls. This study, conducted by the completely incompetent organization USA Niagara Development, will cost the taxpayers of the state a cool $200k. Long after this study is completed, it will have served the same purpose as all the other studies that have been done on the city: collecting dust.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - we want Niagara Falls to succeed. But this isn't rocket science; you don't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to understand why private capital investors shy away from Niagara Falls. Furthermore, you don't need a do-nothing organization like USA Niagara leading the effort. USA Niagara and its leader, Chris Schoepflin, have been nothing short of complete failures at encouraging investment in the city.

Mayor Paul Dyster has been a big cheerleader for the city, telling us time and time again how great Niagara Falls could be. While that's all well and good, that's not the job of the mayor; the job of the mayor is to get shit done. Dyster has failed. Granted, this is Niagara Falls, so there is no panacea. But any city that draws 11 million visitors per year should not have the amount of trouble that Niagara Falls does in landing any private capital investment of substance -or at all.

As we alluded to last week, Dyster has not proven that he can attract investors. We are still quite mystified by his failure to attend the Niagara USA Chamber (not to be confused with USA Niagara Development) dinner last week. That was a golden opportunity to mingle with many of the region's premier employers. He chose to skip it, and offered no explanation why. As my kids say, that's a fail.

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sundayniagara said...

Also worth mentioning as do-nothings for NF, is the BNP, which to NF, is as useless as ***'s on a boar hog!