March 3, 2011

Sheldon Schimminger

The overwhelming majority of taxpayers prefer an educational system where seniority plays no role in the decision to layoff or retain teachers. This is because we recognize the importance of rewarding success. Also, as layoffs loom due to decreased state aid, school districts will be afforded very little flexibility in determining which courses it can offer because they will have no control over which teachers to layoff.

But Sheldon Silver disagrees with the overwhelming majority of New York taxpayers. He agrees with NYSUT. Interestingly enough, do you know who else disagrees with the majority of taxpayers? Robin Schimminger. You see, Schimminger once again supported Silver as the leader of the Democratic Assembly caucus and had directly supported the agenda of Silver. If you don't like Silver and the antics which are raising your property taxes, then you cannot like Schimminger - he cannot support this man and then distance himself from his policies.

Unfortunately, the local media is unwilling to call him on this. Any local reporter covering the political beat could very easily pick up the phone and ask Schimminger, "Do you support Shelly Silver's resistance to allow school districts to keep the best teachers and not the oldest?" If not, then bring a public resolution denouncing his position and let us know where we can find it. Now that would be some good journalism.

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