March 2, 2011

Screwing the Taxpayers, Buffalo Style

People wonder why we have such disdain for public sector unions and the sickening sense of entitlement of their members. Wonder no more.

This article from yesterday's Buffalo News is truly nauseating. In case you decide not to click the link, the first paragraph reads, "Buffalo's fire union will urge hundreds of firefighters to switch to the most costly health insurance plan -- one that provides cosmetic surgery benefits -- as a sign of frustration over stalled contract talks." The piece then mentions the fact that city must pick up the full tab for firefighters' health insurance.

So if I read this right, the union is telling their members to gouge the city as much as possible in hopes of leveraging their position at the bargaining table. Actually, let me re-phrase that - the firefighters' union is telling their members to fuck the taxpayers to the point of forcing the city to give the union membership an even more generous salary and benefit package.

I truly love what Gov. Walker is trying to do in Wisconsin. He is representing my union, the taxpayers union. My union has had enough of subsidizing your union. Even here in New York, Gov. Cuomo has made it perfectly clear that the unions no longer rule the roost. Until someone at the state level has the balls to actually pull the trigger on layoffs, the unions will continue to play hardball. Why wouldn't they?

But this action from the union leadership of the Buffalo firefighters is absolutely appalling. While we don't give a shit what it means to Mayor Brown and his inept organization, it is absolutely an affront to the people of the city of Buffalo.

It also will be quite an effective method to keep anyone considering doing business in the city away. After all, who in their right mind would consider locating in Buffalo after reading that Buffalo News piece that accentuates the union's efforts to drive up costs for every business in the city not owned by a former basketball player?

This action is just another reason to despise public sector unions. I mean, seriously...elective cosmetic surgery? We had hoped that this benefit had gone the way of the Edsel - apparently not. Dan Cunningham, president of the union, should just fade away. He presents as some type of savior for the people, when in reality he is nothing. I hope Brown has the balls to do something drastic in response to Cunningham's directive, though we won't hold our breath. We will, however, continue to pile up reasons to hate public sector unions.

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