March 17, 2011

Choke On Your Big, Rotten Apple, Bloomberg

We've talked time and time again about the disconnect between upstate and downstate, and no matter how many times we try to drive the point home that the two regions don't belong in the same state, we are continuously astounded each time another moron comes along to remind us just how different we are. This time the award goes to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In case you missed it, the head of the crime capital of the world was quoted yesterday as saying, "There's an awful lot of free space up in Buffalo, New York, if you want to go there. I don't think you do." Now don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of the City of Buffalo and its horrendous leadership, but Bloomberg did little more than show that he is an ignorant, pompous asshole with his remark.

Bloomberg went on to say, "Our city's problems are problems of success. We don't have enough classrooms. We don't have enough roads. We don't have enough housing. Buffalo would love to have our problems." Let's think about that. New York City averages more than a murder a day. There is no portion of the city that is immune from the over 50,000 violent crimes that occur in The Big Crapple every year. Despite Bloomberg's hyperbole to the contrary, crime is soaring in the city. In fact, one of the most popular parks in the Bronx has seen a spike of 414% in crime over last year. Yes, you read that statistic correctly.

Problems of success, eh, Mike? Maybe he thinks getting murdered, raped, robbed, mugged or assaulted are the principles of success.

New York City drives everything that is wrong with this state. Overspending, taxes, crime rates, laws that impede economic development, political corruption, Medicaid fraud, abuse of the public's trust, illegal immigration, Wicks Law, Scaffold Law, Taylor Law, Triborough Amendment...they all started in New York City and remain the staples of their daily diet. They force every county in this state to pay for a NYC-driven Medicaid program that is by far the most expensive in the country just to satisfy their lazy, uneducated, unwilling-to-work, multi-generational welfare-dependent inhabitants.

Bloomberg would do well to get his own house in order before making such a comment about New York's second largest city. Unfortunately, when you're born with a silver spoon up your ass, you think you're entitled to treat others with disdain and disrespect. Bloomberg really showed his true colors with these comments.

Don't get me wrong, Buffalo has its issues; the city's leadership is far from competent. But the reality is that this city that once thrived has been hit hard by the country's conversion from a manufacturing economy to a service company. Plants that once employed tens of thousands of workers now sit vacant.

The region has done an admirable job of transitioning away from the manufacturing base that was once the foundation for a successful, thriving economy. That being said, much of the blame for the inability of many upstate New York cities to recover economically can be traced to those same laws and policies derived from NYC and the corrupt politicians that sell their souls for a vote.

Some area elected officials are now calling on Bloomberg to come to Buffalo to see what a great area it is. Why? We know what we have here and his coming here will never change his perspective. As far as I'm concerned, Bloomberg can stay in his rat-infested city. The last thing I want to see is his mug plastered all over WNY media outlets as phony Bloomberg struts around Buffalo telling everyone how lovely the town is.

Oh, and by the way, your poll numbers are at an eight-year low. More than one out of every two New Yorkers disapprove of the job your doing. Maybe the way you've treated people is finally catching up with you. Good luck with that presidential run, dickhead.

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sundayniagara said...

I'm in Florida, but given my druthers, I'd druther be in NYC. NO ONE wants to go to Buffalo!