February 17, 2011

The Worst Bureaucrat in New York State

We realize that the title of today's post is like trying to qualify the trashiest Kardashian sister, but we are quite comfortable granting that distinction to Gladys Carrion.

Carrion is the commissioner of the Office of Children and Family Services. A holdover from the Spitzer administration, she has become the face of what's wrong with the bureaucrats running Albany's byzantine state agencies.

Readers of this blog no doubt recall the vicious murder of Renee Greco, a group home worker in Lockport, by a pair of thugs imported from outside Niagara County. Carrion headed OCFS at that time, and made very clear that the agency wouldn't be making any changes to how it operates group homes, or determines which juvenile delinquents get sent to do easy time in our neighborhoods. Oh, she made all the right noises after the murder, vowing changes, but then did nothing.

At the same time, Carrion's agency also was bringing underage girls and strippers into a juvenile detention center and holding dances for the inmates.


Well, yesterday, Commissioner Carrion let it be known her level of interest in Renee Greco's death, and preventing future tragedies, in a bizarre exchange with a Western New York senator:

Sen. Catharine Young, R-Olean, prodded the commissioner on why Greco’s killers were in a group home to begin with and why one female worker was assigned by herself to an overnight shift with six teen males.

“I can’t answer that question. I don’t run that particular facility,” Carrion said of the Lockport home run by a not-for-profit agency on behalf of the state.

She said the state does not make determinations about who is hired at the private facilities.

“Are you saying it was Renee Greco’s fault?” Young asked.

Like Young, we're flabbergasted by Carrion's give-a-shit attitude as well.

Young called for Carrion's ouster months ago, and we certainly agree with her.

Gov. Cuomo, it's time to rid your administration of this festering embarrassment from the past. Show Carrion the door before someone else gets killed.

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