February 11, 2011

Self-Serving Virtuoso Strikes Again

With the impending departure of Niagara County Legislator Jason Cafarella several weeks away, Minority Leader Dennis Virtuoso has once again made the very poor decision to open his pie hole on an issue he'd be better off leaving alone. Of course, Virtuoso is the same guy who thinks he is always the smartest guy in the room, so he is sure to think that his manipulations will go unnoticed. He's wrong again.

In the Buff News piece, Virtuoso advocates leaving the seat vacant upon Cafarella's departure, saying, "It’s an opportunity to downsize that seat. I’m sure myself, Renae [Kimble of the 2nd District] and Rick [Marasco] could fill in for any constituent problems from the 3rd District." The legislature is in the process of downsizing from 19 to 15 legislators.

First of all, Virtuoso can't handle the duties in front of him now, but that's another issue. While trying to sound so noble in his rationale of allowing him and his fellow legislators to handle constituent issues once Cafarella departs, his true intentions are nothing more than the same self-serving bullshit that we've become accustomed to during his useless time in office.

Virtuoso knows that he's got trouble on the horizon, and he's doing his best to head it off becomes a real problem. It seems that there is a well-known, well-liked Democratic woman in the Third Legislative District that has expressed significant interest in filling Cafarella's seat. Apparently she has been engaged in conversations with party leaders from both the Republican and Democratic parties for some time. (Remember, Cafarella has let it be known that he would not be seeking another term for several months now).

With the GOP's successful track record of recruiting Dems to run with GOP support, this makes perfect sense; the legislature majority appoints this woman to the seat, and with the upcoming consolidation of districts, she ends up in the same district as Virtuoso, setting up a head-to-head matchup with Virtuoso come November. He is well aware of this scenario, and does not like it one bit. Thus we have him advocating for leaving the seat vacant for nine months.

Nevermind that the district would have no formal representation. Nevermind the fact that Virtuoso, who serves as the city's building inspector, would have even less time to keep the city's many unblemished structures in their current pristine conditions. None of that matters. All that matters, at least to Virtuoso, is that he is protected - the rest of the city be damned. Is there anyone left in Niagara Falls who still doesn't understand why the city can't dig itself out of its own hole?

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