February 8, 2011

Again, Paul?

Paul Dyster's failed administration is starting to go through department heads like Murphy Brown went through secretaries. (For readers too young to remember Murphy Brown, or Dan Quayle, for that matter, every week the title character, an abrasive TV news anchor, would walk into her office past a new--and often over-the-top--secretary.) It wasn't completely her fault of course, but then again, it never happened to any of her TV network co-workers, either.

Well, the hapless mayor of Niagara Falls, whose exhaustive nationwide searches for department heads have produced a city engineer who wasn't certified as an engineer in any U.S. state, an economic development czar who failed to create a single job, and now a fire chief who seems to have spent all his working hours making racially-inflammatory posts on Internet bulletin boards.

Of course, this is the same mayor who suspended his chief building inspector with pay for years.

And who hired a former sanitation worker as his city administrator.

Maybe human resources just isn't his thing.

Unfortunately, actually hiring capable department heads is kind of a big part of the job description of mayors.

This wouldn't all be so sad if it weren't for the fact that our favorite newspaper, the Niagara Falls Reporter, in each and every case spilled barrels of ink for months and months sounding the alarm about the sketchiness of the backgrounds of--and results achieved by--these inept Dyster appointees. And, while we enjoy the Reporter, we understand the paper's limitations. It's a small paper with a very small staff. And yet, somehow, they managed to forecast each of these shipwrecks even as Dyster, who mounted the costly national searches, failed to see the stormy seas ahead.

But, come to think of it, none of us should be surprised that a mayor so fundamentally inept at performing the basic duties associated with his job would surround himself with likeminded individuals.

Here's hoping the next major employee search in the Falls is for Dyster's replacement.

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James T. Kirk said...

According to news reports, the fire chief really, really liked calling people of Middle Eastern descent "camel jockeys.". It's a shame that he and Dyster's uncertified city engineer, Ali Marzban, never got to work together...