January 19, 2011

Witryol, Show Us the Money!

For someone who campaigned on "taking the money out of politics", former State Senate candidate Amy Witryol certainly seems to have something to hide. Nowhere in her legally required campaign disclosure reports has she shown where her money came from, and it doesn't appear that she has any intention of doing so.

Her latest financial filing shows that she owes herself nearly $74,000. But where did this money come from? Was it her personal money? If it was, that's fine, but we don't know, because she's never disclosed it. It's also quite astonishing that no one from the mainstream media has demanded an answer to this lingering question. They're not difficult inquiries to make: How did you finance your campaign, Amy? Where did the funds come from, Amy? Do you plan to repay the $74,000 you owe yourself, Amy?

Witryol also campaigned on the premises of reforming Albany and bringing transparency to state government. Her campaign financial disclosure reports show just how insincere she was with her empty campaign rhetoric. How she thinks that she has any credibility after this financial shell-game she is playing with the public is beyond me. Personally, I hope she continues to rear her hypocritical head in the future - I have a feeling that she's going to provide plenty of blog fodder for years to come.

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