January 4, 2011

The View from the Eighth Circle

This blog was hopeful when news reports suggested that former Senator Antoine Thompson—"Twan" to those of us who followed his memorable Albany career—had opened the door to a smooth transition in the best traditions of our little American experiment in democracy.

We should have known better.

As many of our readers no doubt saw on last night's newscasts, when staffers for new state Senator Mark Grisanti arrived to take over Thompson's suite of offices, they found almost every file had been shredded. In fact, the only document waiting for them was a copy of Twan's infamous "2010 State of the 60th Senate District" coffee table book—the same self-promotional taxpayer-funded volume many consider the straw that broke Twan's back.

But to the end, Twan was Twan:

"There's nothing that belongs to the state that was discarded. In fact, we left the office nice and clean for him," said Thompson.

That's the very definition of chutzpah.

We could chalk this up to Twan's, er, mental handicaps, we suppose. But honestly, we're content to give props to a competitor's blog when it delves into poetic eloquence, so we quote here, directly, from the generally liberal WNYMedia.net:

Will this seriously affect Grisanti’s agenda? No. But it does reek of a douchebag move on Thompson’s part, and by extension, is an “Up Yours” to the people of the 60th Senatorial District.

But douchebag moves aren't limited to Twan's legally-ambiguous temper tantrum as Republicans sweep to power.

So far largely unreported are the similarly-nasty shenanigans of the Wicked Witch of Western New York and her band of flying monkeys.

Sources tell us that despite a gracious effort by newly-elected Assemblyman John Ceretto to execute a friendly and mutually-respectful transition, Francine was having none of it.

In fact, several days after Ceretto sent a letter asking DelMonte to meet with him to discuss a transition, DelMonte's staff set the tone by hanging up on Ceretto's chief of staff.

Then the vile Louise Slaughter—a woman who truly has the Wicked Witch look down to an art form—decided to attempt to rent Ceretto's office right out from underneath him. Only the intervention of nonpartisan lawyers from the New York State Assembly—and the threat of a lawsuit—put Ceretto's lease back on track.

But the asshole moves didn't stop there.

We are told that Grisanti actually inherited more paperwork from his dim-bulb predecessor than did Ceretto, whose staff found their office had been ransacked of paperwork involving ongoing constituent matters, and worse, had been cleared of all but one ancient computer. The whereabouts of the other 138th Assembly District computers remains a question mark this morning.

But DelMonte staffers, ever classy, were just getting started. In a gesture that sums up their contempt for the voters that showed them the door—and the man those voters turned to—they even declined to flush the toilet on the way out.

And nothing says classy like Francine's floater.

Still, despite our contempt for these acts, we can't help but imagine that somewhere in the eighth circle of hell, the demonic spirit of Richard Nixon is grinning. After all, this is the kind of stuff he specialized in.

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The Avenger said...

Why insult Richard Nixon that way....he led a good transition to Gerry Ford.